Can you imagine our life without scientific research? Apparently, the answer is without scientific research our world would suffer a lot. There is no doubt that it plays an essential role in our daily life. It gives us effective means for developing our activities in all fields of life including health, industry, education, energy, space sciences, etc.

The current achievements of science and research can be abused as happened in the field of atomic energy but science and research must continue to be the basic tools for construction, development, and spread peace for the sake of having a better future for the mankind.

Virtual organizations do not represent a firm’s attribute but can be considered as a different organizational form, This virtual research group I established several years ago do not represent a research center attribute but can be considered as a different center form.

We bring young active Indian researchers from most of the Indian universities and research centers together and those with a professional interest in a particular aspect of Machine learning, intelligent environment, network security, space sciences, ancient science, astrology, physics, bioinformatics and biomedical and related disciplines. As well as build and maintain a close relationship with Indian researchers, groups, and organizations.